Sunday, October 19, 2008

week 13 semester 2

It's official, this is the final blog, can't hide my excitement, which also meant this is the final week of my university. The university journey has filled with emotion for me, from the first day till the last, there were so much things happened, and met so many people along the way, and thinking bout it its about to end, how exciting. this whole semester working with the IE guys has been tremendous expierence, i think this semester's work efficiency has been improved from last semester, last semester there were couple of things i thought to myself i could improve on, which was the communication with the team, and this has been the focus for myself, which i have achieved. Last semester i had alot of personal issues, which led to the quality of contribution to the team, but after working it out during the semester break i realised it was more important that university is finished before i solve all of those, and it ended up an encouragment for myself, because i was able to get more work done, and put all of those things behind me, and now i feel more relaxed and more energetic to end my semster well.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

week 13 semester 2

Had to complete this blog once the client meeting was over, last week i really had nothing to talk about, there was nothing special during the week except for going to the library at night every day to prepare for my exam. All the assignments and presentations are complete except for the IE which i havn't fully complete the screen shots for our manuel, due to some difficulties and problems occuring during the testing. That's why i'm waiting for the team meeting today to complete the document.
Monday to wednesday i had to stay home to finish off my website, it was really painful, there was so much questions i had to ask the net to find the answers to, it's my third days of learning how to create a website, even on wednesday i was really concerened that i wasn't going to finish on time, i stood up till 5a.m try to get the template done, but lukily with the help from my friend oversea who studied how to create a website, he taught me all the things that needed to know and the requirements of creating a template, i finally finished the template at 5.30, the only things that was left was just the contents, it only took me a few hours the next day, once it was finished, it was such a good feeling, a satisfaction feeling, but realising there are so much more to be done before the exam, the stress was hitting me back. On thursday and Sunday went to work again, my whole two days was gone and most of the time was just travelling from one place to another, at some moments i felt guilty of not studying when i supposed to, rather then earning money, but that's life i suppose.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

week 12 semester 2

just got back from work again, it was such a tiring day, especially with the day light saving which started last night, it means i had one hour less sleep. this week i didn't do any of the IE work due to the high volume of assignment due in the next week, there are so much for me to finish off that i'm feeling a bit behind, but hopefully i can catch up in the next day or two, starting from now, on thursday there will be another oral presentation for chinese, which i have finished, and there will be a website due the following day, i'm currently struggling with, this is the first time in my life that i have created a website, at the moment i have absolutely no clues of how to use the software frontpage, just the software alone it took me two weeks to find it and make it work.
surprisingly this week i didn't have any big nights, didn't go clubbing, didn't go drink nor did i went for shopping, it was just busy busy and busy. i finally had a chance to check my exam timetable, i was overly pleased with it, even though the two exams are one and half week apart from each other, this time i'm feeling confident that i will be do well, and achieve a result that i'm hoping for since the start of the semester.

Monday, September 29, 2008

week 11 semester 2

this week my blog is late, i had so many things going on at once until now i finally have time to sit down and write my blog. first up since last week i had to find a house to move, went to a couple of houses which ended up in disappointment, it was a trash, then on thursday i finally found one which is right next to the university, but the landlord stated the apartment only for inspection on sunday, so i decided to go on sunday, but felt that if i don't hassel her i would probably miss out on the opportunity, so i called her three times in three days to ask for a inspection, finally on saturday she agreed to it, and ended up taken a room. but things don't end here, i realised there are alot of furnitures need to buy, so went around places to look for some second hand furnitures, as well as going to places like ikea, it was a messy few days. Also during the week i was able to maintain my conmmitments to the group finishing all of the work ben send to me within 24 hours, which was alright for me, because i tried to get all the work done before i actually work on my own things, its a real good commitment to the group as well as giving my self every opportunity for a better time management.
During the week i also had to work for my parents which was as pleasant as i thought it was going to be, because just to get to the shop i drove nearly 500km to get there and back, nearly fell asleep in the car again while driving, had to keep my self awake by putting the music to full blast, it was such a tiring week, all im after is just a rest!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

week 10 semester 2

Assignments due dates are getting closer as the semester is drawing to a conclusion, i have got 3 assignments and 2 more tests remain for the last 3 weeks of university, its a pain, but its a short lived pain. our group has started testing, i've been asked to complete the screen shots for parts of the testing, which was simple, but during the testing, i have enocountered some of the technical difficulties which was expected, those kinds of errors are must to be fixed before the final systems are to be handed over, it wasn't any complicated error, every time i encountered those errors i report it to the group programmer dyee, who then fix the areas that has errors, but the current state of testing is still progressing.
i think there areis not long to go until the system is finally completed, the group has done awful lot of work to get to this stage, i'm very much looking forward to the expo when we actually have a completed version and display it to the clients, i can now imagine the satisfaction i will be feeling at that time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

week 9 semester 2

Finally the User manuel is finishing, this week when i finished the glossary i had a feeling of satisfactory, there are only a couple of things to be done which is the FAQ's and some more testing, but at least i can see the finishing line. The user manuel has been a large document, which the team put alot of efforts in.
Surprisingly this week i missed my chinese test, it was the first time in a long time i missed an assessment, because of so many assessments going on at once i just really taken notice of it, but lukily i emailed my tutor on the very next day to explain the situation, and she was very understandable, so i had another chance of sitting the test a day later which was really good, i went alright in the test, it was my first language so i didn't have any hassels or difficulties, at the beginning of this semester i set a really high standard for myself to work as hard as possible which i have done it so far, but looking at the schedule for rest of the semester there are still alot of work to be done.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

week 8 semester 2

It has been a busy week for me, there was a couple of assignments and presentations completed, but the most scary part of this week was my oral presentation for Chinese, i'm not really a good presenter, in some way i found it horrified to stand in front of a class full of strangers to talk, but on thursday when i actually did my presentation it was alright, i had my head down the whole time and red the speech i prepared, occasionally i lifted my head to look at the tutor, one thing i found it strange was there was not much comments the tutor wrote for me, because when others were doing their presentation the tutor was constantly writing notes, but when it comes to me it suddently stopped, pretty strange, i was unsure whether that was a good sign or bad.
This week i think i finished the final part of the User manuel, and was assigned to another task of creating a glossary of terms, when clady send me the whole user manuel i was shocked, there were so many pages, and looking at those pages i saw the parts i did, it really gave me a feeling of satisfaction, i felt i did my part for the group and contributed, even though some of my parts were adjusted by the other group members because of the standard of English wasn't up to the standard or other reasons, but still i was really happy with my contributions.
the end of the semester is approaching, really can't wait, but looking at the course schedule there are so many more assessmentsto be completed, its going to be tough.